quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

My family

My family is my life and I'm very happy because of it. I think it is marvelous because I can have peace, love and strength. My mother and my grandmother are everything in my life, my best examples of life, dedication and courage. I love them. My father died when I was just a little child, and I miss him, but I trust in God. My grandfather is calm and wise. It's so good look at him and see the best of love. Furthermore, I have my husband and my children, Luis Felipe and Thiago. My children are my joy, my true childhood, my best thoughts and my gratitude to God. I'm sure I can not live without them.

2 comentários:

  1. Oh!! Your grandfather is amazing!!! My grand died when I was child, and I also miss him...
    But... I loved this text, honey!!
    Your blog is fabulous!! ^.^
    See U next class...
    Toodles *-*

  2. Nossa.. não sabia que seu pai tinha morrido. Mas acho que o avô sempre faz pelomenos um "pouco" o papel de pai. Felicidades pra sra.